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Future of Project Management

05 05 2017
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Future of Project Management


Future of Project Management is a partnership and collaboration between Arup, The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management at UCL, and the Association for Project Management, with crowd-sourced inputs from the global project management community.

It is a compilation of best practice, emerging trends, and forward thinking, an interactive site for debate about change in the project management profession, and a roadmap for future academic and professional research.

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Key features

FoPM is presented in three sections that set the context for the future through emerging mega-trends, then imagine that future through the eyes of our clients delivering projects, and finally outline plans and priorities for future action and research.

FoPM is a living initiative – a virtuous cycle prompting future research that in turn will provide fresh insight to develop and improve FoPM. Please leave your feedback and ideas here.



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