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Conselho editorial


Américo Pinto
Em Doutoramento na SKEMA Business School, in Lille, France.

Antônio C. Amaru Maximiano
Dr. e Professor da USP – Universidade de São Paulo.

Daniel Leroy
Dr. e Professeur titulaire en Sciences de Gestion at University of Tours.

Darci Santos Prado
Dr. pela UNICAMP, Consultor INDG.

Darli Rodrigues Vieira
PhD. e Prof. Université du Quebec – Canadá.

Eduardo Linhares Qualharini
PhD. e Prof. Universidade da COPPE/UFRJ.

Heitor Coutinho
MsC. e Prof. Fundação Dom Cabral.

Marly Monteiro de Carvalho
PhD. e Prof. Poli-USP.

Norman de Paula A. Filho
Presidente da ISAE-FGV-PR.

Paul Campbell Dinsmore
Fellow PMI, Engenheiro pela Texas University e Programa Avançado em Harvard.

Ricardo Viana Vargas
MsC. Membro do Conselho do PMI-USA e Past-Chair, Diretor de Projetos ONU.

Roberto Sbragia
PhD. e Professor da FEA-USP – Universidade de São Paulo.

Sérgio E. Gouvêa da Costa
Dr. e Professor da PUC-PR.

FlexConnect APs have already been deployed in a branch office for local switching. Currently the WLAN in the large auditorium is proposed to change to a high-density design and thus some low data rates are proposed to be disabled while
keeping the data rates in other areas under the same Cisco WLC. Which two configuration settings must be modified in the Cisco WLC to achieve this configuration? (Choose two.)
A. RF Profiles
B. Mobility Groups
C. FlexConnect Groups
D. AP Groups
E. Fape profile.
Correct Answer: AD
Refer to the exhibit. Which option describes what this sequence of commands achieves on a Cisco Autonomous AP?
A. Option A
B. Option BC. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: D
You are a network administrator at ACME corporation where you have a pair of Cisco 5760 Wireless LAN Controllers deployed for HA AP SSO mode. A failover event occurs and the secondary Cisco 5760 controller moves into the active
Which three statements about the failover event are true? (Choose three)
A. The new active controller does not need to relearn the shun list from IPS and other MCs, whch eliminates the need to redistribute it to the Mas.
B. Rogue APs and clients are not synced to the standby and are relearned upon switchover.
C. Switchover during AP preimage download causes the Aps to start image download all over again from the new active controller.
D. Netflow records are already exported upon switchover and collection starts resuming in the new active controller.
E. Witch SSO, wIPS information is already synced with the standby unit and this information need not be relearned upon switchover.
F. Upon guest anchor controller switchover, mobility tunnels stay active, Aps remain connected, clients rejoin at MA or MC, and clients are anchored on the new active controller.
Correct Answer: BCF

220-901 dumps

Your customer is having wireless VoIP problems. When the Cisco 7925 phones roam from AP1 to AP2, the voice drops out and comes back. The phones are set up for PEAP/WPA2-AES with CCKM to an external RADIUS server. The APs
and WLAN are setup up in FlexConnect mode. Which statement explains the issue?
A. The APs have not been added to the FlexConnect group.
B. PEAP with WPA2-AES is not supported with Cisco Centralized Key Management, use EAP-FAST.
C. PEAP with WPA2-AES is not supported with Cisco Centralized key Management, use LEAP.
D. The APs have been added to the FlexConnect Group.
Correct Answer: A
You have received a new Cisco 5760 Controller and have gone through the initial startup wizard. You are now trying to add APs to the controller, but these are not joining.
Which three checks should you do next? (Choose three.)
A. Check that the radios are not in a shutdown state.
B. Check the country code of the controller. The APs do not join the controller if the country code does not match.
C. Check that the correct time is set on the controller.
D. Check that option 53 has been set in the DHCP scope
E. Check that the controller has enough AP licenses.
F. Check that the controller has been configured with the correct hostname. Otherwise, DNS resolution fails.
Correct Answer: BCE